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Since the onset of the financial crisis, banking criteria have become more stringent in recent times and this has been followed by the economic uncertainties of Brexit and Covid.

In order to enhance our own equity, Craigard has successfully used a trust for sale syndication structure evolved by London lawyers, Druces. Druces has effected over 400 transactions over several years and a number of these have been successfully realised and closed.

In order to retain the tax transparency of this particular type of structure, it is essential that investors have day to day control of all arrangements and decisions (aside from the general property administration by Craigard). Provided the investors retain this control, the structure will not amount to a collective investment scheme and will not need to be regulated. This type of investment is not therefore suitable for passive investors.

advantages of this structure:

it is tax transparent and relatively inexpensive to set up and administer

It is possible to undertake private sale and purchase of the individual investment

there is no personal liability for participating investors

the ability to accommodate SSAPS and SIPPS plus individuals or corporate investors

a direct property interest for each syndicate investor

why craigard?


craigardalways co-invests

We charge relatively modest property administration fees and work on an incentivised performance fee after a priority return to investors.

effected 45 syndicate transactions

total transactions = £200million

secured equity of £88million

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