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Minimum Target IRR of 9%

We Always Co-Invest

Short to Medium-Term Business Plans

Quarterly Cash Distributions

Tax Transparent

Simple Co-Ownership Structure

Why Craigard?


Craigard is an energetic and fast moving property partnership with a strong pedigree and proven track record.

Now over fifteen years old, we have transacted around £200million since inception in early 2005.Throughout this time we have demonstrated our ability to thrive through a boom, bust and recovery cycle.

Targeting all forms of value-add commercial property between £500,000 and £5million, a thoughtful and analytical approach is applied to each opportunity. We adopt a measured 'risk and return' approach, flexible to each project, so we can target opportunities which might not suit the mainstream investment market.

Just under £80m of assets under management

Almost £88m of co-investment equity raised by word-of-mouth

£5.1m annual rent

26 assets - shops, offices, industrial

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